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Seeking Solutions, Seeking Explanation etc. | Admin: Rolf
23932 Msgs Total
Technical Discussions Recent 10 Topics
Re: 5% & 10% RT (1)Jon Wallis08:02 Aug-22-2014
Re: Possible misalignment and incomplete penetration (8)Jonathon Wilson 20:28 Aug-21-2014
Re: ASTM A312 and B31.3 (4)Prashant Burad12:24 Aug-21-2014
Re: amplitude c scan tme of flight c scan (2) Mark Nel09:52 Aug-21-2014
Re: Minimum thickness for Ultrasonic testing (9)Shank Vagal01:30 Aug-21-2014
Re: Enquiry on Alternative Nondestructive method-validate weld quality-Super duplex stainless steel small bore tubings (1)Dent13:56 Aug-20-2014
Re: CR for API 5L (2)fayyaz05:23 Aug-20-2014
Re: AWS D1.1 Procedure Qualification (1)Bill01:13 Aug-20-2014
Re: MT & PT TEST PIECES (1)Rick Lopez02:36 Aug-19-2014
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Certification, Career, Society Topics, NDT Ethics | Admin: Rolf
6413 Msgs Total
General Discussions Recent 10 Topics
Re: Learn Ndt : Private Ndt School Vs Public School Vs University (9)Michel Couture10:57 Aug-22-2014
NDT equipment Marco Uscanga03:13 Aug-22-2014
Career in Canada binoj nair17:37 Aug-21-2014
Re: Recertification as per SNT TC 1A 2006 (2)ali sherif16:29 Aug-20-2014
Re: TOFD + PHASE ARRAY (5) Patrick Tremblay21:01 Aug-18-2014
Re: Level I exam math Qs (2)John05:10 Aug-18-2014
Re: api (3)John 23:51 Aug-17-2014
Re: Please critique my cover letter! Trying to land a Trainee CEDO job in Alberta. (1)Jeppa17:58 Aug-17-2014
Re: Different Code requires new certification? (2)john20:59 Aug-16-2014
Good reference for UT inspection on metals Shlayn16:41 Aug-16-2014
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| Admin: Rolf
1414 Msgs Total
Job Offers Recent 10 Topics
Singapore Level 3 Technical Manager Dacon Inspection Services Co.,Ltd.Bussaya11:09 Aug-22-2014
Thailand Level 3 Technical Manager Dacon Inspection Services Co.,Ltd.Bussaya11:05 Aug-22-2014
Edmonton and area RTII position available Ultratest NDT Services IncKathy Irion21:12 Aug-20-2014
MUMBAI & pune NDT ut technician NDT SUPPLYs.suresh19:55 Aug-18-2014
Persian gulf-IRAN PCN LEVEL II.PA/TOFD.ET LEVEL II,Lrut level II tubitak inspection&consulting Eng co.tabatabaee16:12 Aug-14-2014
india multi pcn level 2 venus inspection servicesR.ponnusamy16:50 Aug-13-2014
UAE TOFD PCN certified Required Inspectest Industrial Solutions LLCAli Abbas18:13 Aug-06-2014
India MT,PT,UT,VT SGS India Pvt LtdG Venkat Rao08:54 Aug-03-2014
dubai UAE NDT RT technican Qtech chennai sidapetmohamedibrahim.s18:06 Aug-01-2014
Dubai, UAE NDT Trainer Wens Quality Assurance (S) Pte LtdAngela YIU06:57 Jul-20-2014
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| Admin: Rolf
1688 Msgs Total
Job Seeks Recent 10 Topics
world wide asnt level 2 mt pt ut vely07:44 Aug-21-2014
World Wide NDT MT PT UT Lvl 2 Syamsul Ulum09:53 Aug-19-2014
Worldwide UT,PT,LT,MPT,VT vignesh08:11 Aug-19-2014
asia, middle east, usa CSWIP 3.1, ASNT III MT, PT, UT, VT, USA PASPORT mike00:39 Aug-18-2014
india a.p. LT,UT,MT,RT abg kiran06:38 Aug-17-2014
Europe, US,Asia Ut, Pt, Mt technician Mae Rose Tabujara06:45 Aug-16-2014
world wide ASNT LEVEL-II UT,MT,PT & PCN UT 3.1,3.2 Rakrsh10:44 Aug-15-2014
world wide pcn ut.tofd,phase array anoop rahman17:36 Aug-13-2014
Anywhere Tube Testing Inspector advancedndt17:11 Aug-13-2014
MyNDT Members Seeking JobMore Messages

Personal Ads like Sell & Buy etc. (No Discussions) | Admin: Rolf
769 Msgs Total
Classified Ads Recent 5 Topics
ADAPTOR for MIZ 21(ZETEC)-BNC probe Youngmi Jeon05:59 Jul-30-2014
WANTED: Sonix or USUltratek Digitizers Joey Walters16:24 Jul-19-2014
Re: Nortec 500S Flaw Detector Tom Nelligan21:57 Jul-15-2014
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Questions, suggestions about all areas | Admin: Rolf
146 Msgs Total
About Recent 5 Topics
NDT FORUM WEEK ezio11:37 Aug-14-2014
Join a NEW NDT Conference & Proceedings App Rolf Diederichs12:33 Jun-18-2014
Re: NEW MyNDT / Forum Notification Options (1) Rolf Diederichs12:24 Apr-08-2014
Re: Why and How NDT should go Open Access (6)Domingo Mery22:03 Mar-26-2014
Invitation for APCNDT 2013 participants to upload conference photos Rolf Diederichs12:19 Feb-06-2014
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Italian language preference | Admin: Ezio
909 Msgs Total
Italian NDT Talk Recent 5 Topics
Re: interventi su Italian NDT Talk (8)THEO MICOTTIS11:28 Aug-21-2014
Re: UT su materiali con impedenza acustica differente (7)Gianpiero16:45 Jul-07-2014
Re: PAUT su austenitici (2)stefano galanti10:55 Jun-25-2014
Re: misura spessori (4) massimo carminati15:05 Jun-04-2014
Re: Certificazione strumenti/sonde UT (5)DINO DE TONI15:42 May-19-2014
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Comments and Discussions of Database Articles & News | Admin: Rolf
53 Msgs Total
About Articles & News Recent 5 Topics
Amauri Firmino dos Santos Manager of Operations of Physical Acoustics South America Certified as Acoustic Emission Level III Juan Manuel Rangel23:17 Aug-08-2014
Prediction Of Erosion Characteristics For Ablative Throat Insert Liners Using Ultrasonic Velocity Measurements Harinath14:12 Jul-09-2014
Low Cost NDT Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Now Available in U.S. Market from Precision Images Tiago Horstmann03:43 Jun-03-2014
Beyond BRIC: Exploring the Next Game Changers for the NDT Industry Rolf Diederichs20:06 May-31-2014
Coating vs Wall thickness measurement? Let the new CT-Gauge from Sonatest Ltd be the judge! ibrahim21:35 May-19-2014
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Webinars (Multimedia), Workshops, Lectures, Tutorials etc. | Admin: Rolf
1 Msgs Total
Special Sessions Recent 10 Topics
Meeting Room available Rolf Diederichs17:56 Sep-24-2012
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Past Special Sessions

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